I Met A TSA Agent Who Has Never Been On A Plane

Jun 10, 2017 by

I don’t verbally abuse TSA agents all the time. Sometimes I keep it restrained to understated mockery. And at times, nothing is...

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Why Everyone Should Be On The TSA List: The Perks Of Terrorist-Status

May 23, 2017 by

1. Terrorists go through security faster I don’t even like to talk about this, lest it be perceived as a backhanded compliment to the...

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Hacking The TSA: Exploiting Terrorist Status To Skip 45-Minute Lines

Jan 28, 2016 by

I did it. I gamed the system to skip the security line. And I will strike again. It took a big chunk of my dignity, but after...

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My Friend Was Just Added To The “No-Fly” List

Dec 20, 2015 by

This one is serious. Everything here is serious, but I’m not even going to attempt to be irreverent. My friend tried to board a...

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TSA Freaks Out Over My Starbucks Coffee Bomb

Dec 1, 2014 by

Idiocy reaches new levels as the TSA goes on Red Alert over my Starbucks mug. Someone, for the love of God, please tell me how I can...

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I Figured Out Why The TSA Sets Up “Security Audits” At The Gate

Nov 15, 2014 by

When it hit me what they’re trying to do with their obnoxious “security audits” at the gate. The horribly pathetic...

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