On “the list”? Government has you flagged as a “terrorist”? Contact me with:

  • Stories from airport security
  • Video of encounters with the TSA
  • Tips on making a mockery of them / making the TSA’s lives as hard as they make ours

TSA agent? Contact me with:

  • Insights into your protocols for dealing with “terrorists”
  • Training materials related to “terrorists”
  • Stories about dealing with people on “the list”
  • Anything that, if publicized, will make your fake agency look stupid

Tactician? Contact me with:

  • Ideas on how to covertly video TSA shenanigans (bearing in mind all on The List are separated from their belongings and taken through a body scanner).

Email: anonymous -at- jetsettingterrorist -dot- com. Or use the form below.

-Jetsetting Terrorist

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