“This Passenger Cannot Be Assigned To An Exit Row”


“This Passenger Cannot Be Assigned To An Exit Row”

Learning that jetsetting terrorists aren’t allowed to sit in exit rows.

Today I purchased a ticket from my hometown airport to San Diego. There was only one window seat left on the plane, and I selected it. That’s when something awesome happened. I got this message:

“In accordance with TSA regulations, this passenger cannot be assigned to an exit row.”

Theories as to why:

  1. Terrorists hate humans so much we would physically block exit points in the event of a crash and/or fire.
  2. They make you do that weird verbal confirmation thing after the fight attendant recites that exit row speech, and we’re known for only speaking Arabic.
  3. The TSA just likes making stupid rules vacant of any rationale.

I’m going with number three.



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  1. toyotabedzrock

    They think you might decide to step outside mid flight.

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