Wanted: Super spy-gear tacticians who can tell me how to film the TSA

Jun 28, 2014 by

Wanted: Super spy-gear tacticians who can tell me how to film the TSA

You really won’t believe the enormity of TSA incompetence and thug-ism until you see it. And I want to use this site to make this happen. But I need your help.

This is much more complicated than a lapel-cam. Here’s why:

When someone on The List goes through security, we are separated from our luggage until all screening is completed. And we’re put through a metal detector / body scanner.

Therein lies the quandary: How to record the TSA when you can’t have video equipment on your person?

Tacticians, get in touch. Let’s figure this out and embarrass the TSA on a national platform.


-Jetsetting Terrorist

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  1. Ian

    One halfway solution could be to get a camera like the Autographer or Narrative Clip and secure it to your luggage. Both do time-lapse photos (every 30 seconds or so) and can be set to take pictures without any lights or other indicators turning on.

  2. Pat Malarkey

    Google Glasses?

  3. Evan

    I’m going to second Google Glass. New enough technology that they won’t have rules for it. In addition, you get around state-by-state wiretapping laws that revolve around everyone involved knowing they are being recorded (namely because you’re walking around with the world’s most obvious surveillance device.)

    Drawbacks? Very weak password system, leaving them a potential hole in your personal security.

    • MadGastronomer

      Um, they DO have rules governing them. They’re metallic and electronic and obviously not optical glasses, he won’t be allowed to take them through the body scanner, so they’ll be taken away with the rest of his stuff. Google glasses aren’t actually subtle, they’re well-publicized, TSA are going to recognize them as a device. Unless you’re suggesting that he disguise them as something else, which I’m not at all sure how practical that would be.

      Rules lagging behind usually means less flexibility, not more, when dealing with this kind of bureaucracy and security theater.

      • SeanC

        TSA recognize anything?

        Publicised or not, they’re the Luddites when it comes to technology. My tablet was “just a big phone’ so it didn’t need to go separately into a tub. They pass though the gel packs to keep items cool, and don’t bat an eyelid.
        Add on to that the 67 out of 70 failures to detect explosives and weapons, you could be carrying a nuclear bomb, with NUKE written on the side in 6 inch high type, and they would pass it though, as it didn’t conform to any of the dangerous items like a plastic knife, or a nail file.

  4. Evan

    Ah, you want to rule out anything metal or electronic? I guess that leaves vinyl or wax tubes.

    As for them being not optical glasses, that’s not the case. Mine are prescription.

    From February of this year: http://www.wassom.com/google-glass-and-the-tsa.html YMMV.

    As stated in my comment, them being obvious and famous is a benefit, not a drawback. Secretly recording people brings up legal issues. Having said that, you might want to touch base with some of the folks at PINAC (Photography Is Not a Crime). They have experience recording actual LEOs, rather than the mall-cop-school dropouts at the airport.


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